Middle School Learning Support



 Learning Resources

This page will contain links to sites that support learning in some fashion. There will be links to helpful tools for organization and study habits.  I will also include tools students may find useful for demonstrating their learning.  If you have resources you think would be helpful, send them my way.

Study Skills




This is a fabulous technique for increasing productivity and diminishing procrastination. This tool can be used as simply or as complex as you would like. 












Quizlet - Want to ace your Wordly Wise tests?  Download the Quizlet app on your phone and practice in the car or when you have an extra ten minutes.  It’s a more effective way to study without having to take up valuable homework time!








 Google Apps

Google Apps Training  Need some help with Google docs, Google classroom or just want to know how to search more efficiently? This site has a wealth of resources regarding all Google apps tools. Check it out.