8B Religion

In 8th gIMG_0966rade Religion, we are currently studying the 7 themes of Catholic Social Teaching.  This is a foundational piece of their culminating project.  Each topic will need to have a connection to at least one of the 7 themes.  These have been a bit challenging, so any discussion at home will help to solidify their understanding of these themes.  I am going to post a short podcast of each of the 7 themes over the next few weeks.  They come from the St. John’s Bible.  If you are not familiar with this bible, take some time to learn about it from the website.  It’s a fabulous work of art.  The students are working on banners that, when completed, will hang in the hallway that leads to the chapel.  Click on the picture to hear the first podcast on The Option for the Poor and Vulnerable.

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